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Finding strength again

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For most people with a foundation of faith, it’s something you’ve drawn great strength from in the past, and have possibly even built your life around. So when you start to question things that you’ve always believed it can feel really overwhelming.

For many people, when they start to question things that used to be basic or fundamental, it can feel like everything is coming crashing down, like “now what?!” “If I don’t believe XYZ (or I don’t know if I believe XYZ) then what does that mean about ABC?” I’ve you’re intently examining it now, I imagine you’ve had other moments where you tried not to think about it because just keeping up with the norm is actually way easier. It feels wrong or scary at first to question.

Let your faith show

Overcoming a Faith Crisis

I am LDS (Mormon), so a lot of the clients I work with in faith crisis are also LDS. But I’ve found that regardless of religion, most people struggling with their faith have similar battles. It’s hard to articulate or even share your doubts because of defensiveness or judgement from others. Unfortunately, a lot of times people assume that if your faith isn’t as bright as it once was, it must be the result of some sin or slacking. Spouses, family and friends might shut down conversations or invalidate concerns because it’s scary for them.

So why would you talk to a therapist about your faith questions and not your bishop? Well, first of all, your bishop could still be a great person to talk to if you want. But my role as a therapist is to help you navigate all this stuff, find your own clarity and your own peace and figure out what it all means for you. Your level of activity or acceptance of church doctrines doesn’t personally affect me so I’m not trying to convince you to stay or to believe. I don’t have an agenda, so you get the advantage of an open, listening, trained ear and the background of someone who understands church culture and doctrines.

You have more faith than you think you do

LGBTQ Counseling

Gosh, it is HARD to be a member of this church and feel same-gender attraction or have gender identity questions. Wherever you are in your journey of acknowledgement and acceptance, I would love to walk this path with you.

First, recognizing or admitting to yourself that you might be gay can bring on an identity crisis of its own. Many people experience despair, depression, and self-loathing, wishing it would just go away. Then later, when you realize it’s not going anywhere, you get to decide what to do about it. Either way, the battle ahead is tough.

On one hand, you can follow what you’ve been taught and stay true to church doctrines, refraining from acting on sexual impulses and urges. This can feel lonely and difficult, especially if you can’t see yourself ever being happy with an opposite-sex partner. It feels like all the things you’ve been taught to want your whole life aren’t available to you (getting married, having a family, etc). On the other hand, if you choose to act on your urges and embrace an LGBT lifestyle, you may feel like you don’t have a place in a church that you’ve loved. It might feel like you’re disappointing family, friends or God. I’ll help you in this pivotal part of your life

Benefits of LDS & Christian Faith Crisis Counseling

Greater Peace & Understanding
Overcome Isolation
Increased Clarity & Optimism
Less Feeling Overwhelmed
Increased Faith & Hope


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