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Christine Lawler, L.M.F.T.

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In my mind, healing is a journey. It’s one that may feel overwhelming and daunting and you don’t really want to go at it alone. And you’re here because you realize you don’t have to.

Whether you just need some simple troubleshooting and tools or there’s something bigger you’re ready to tackle, therapy and counseling can provide comfort, consolation, solace and healing. We work with individuals and couples in the Las Vegas & Summerlin areas!

Counseling Services for Las Vegas & Summerlin

Marriage Counseling

My favorite work is with couples who are proactive in their relationships and are invested in making the marriage better. Let’s work to make it great.

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Sex Therapy

So many emotional and relational dynamics are manifest throuh physical intimacy, let’s work to improve those dynamics.

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Teenage Therapy

Many teenagers seek someone they can be an ‘open book’ to. This investment can be life-changing for them and invaluable to you as a parent.

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Faith Crisis

Struggling with your faith and hope can be an extremely daunting, lonely, and overwhelming experience. Let’s find ways to reignite your faith.

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Sleep Therapy

Newsflash! Sleep is critical to our emotional and phyiscal well-being! If you have chronic insomnia or trouble sleeping, I can help you snooze better.

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Self-Discovery & Empowerment

No matter your present struggle or challenge, I can help you find the tools to cope with and overcome your trials and difficulties. I’ll be your guide.

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Ready to take the next step towards healing? Let’s schedule a free consultation. We work with individuals and couples in the Las Vegas & Summerlin areas!

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