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Adults have trouble sleeping, too. If you aren’t sleeping when you want to sleep or you wake up still feeling exhausted, I can help with proven sleep therapy techniques. Sleep affects your mental, emotional and physical well-being as well. When we sleep better, we ARE better. And our main goal is to help people in the Las Vegas area get better sleep!

If you struggle with sleep, you are not alone! Over 60% of Americans report difficulty with sleep a few nights a week or more. And 80% of individuals with a mental health diagnosis have underlying sleep issues. What does this mean? Sleep loss has a MASSIVE impact on your emotional and mental health and well-being, not just your physical health. Adequate sleep is essential to mental and emotional regulation. During sleep, the brain creates new pathways, processes information, and regenerates the brain and body.

Research has linked inadequate sleep to a myriad of issues, including: depression, anxiety, PTSD symptoms, post-partum depression, ADHD, learning disabilities, obesity, emotional dysregulation, health complications and more. So yeah, sleep is important.

Sleep is the best meditation

How Does Sleep Therapy Work?

To start sleep therapy, we first do a comprehensive sleep assessment to figure out what your specific problems are, and then if you are a candidate for CBT-I, we do that. CBT-I is a form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy specifically designed and researched for the treatment of insomnia. According to the APA, “In clinical settings, CBT-I has a 70-80 percent success rate for helping those who suffer from chronic insomnia. Almost one third of people with insomnia achieve normal sleep and most reduce their symptoms by 50 percent and sleep an extra 45-60 minutes a night.” According to many studies, CBT-I is more effective and longer lasting than sleeping pills.

If you’re not a good fit for CBT-I then we look at other treatment options. Getting a sleep study might be a next step to confirm or rule out sleep apnea, a problem with disrupted breathing during sleep. We’ll also give you customized behavioral modifications (think sleep hygiene) to work on, and give you tools to shut off anxiety, to do lists and racing thoughts right before bed.

Rest and be thankful

Benefits of Sleep Therapy

Increased Joy & Happiness
Decreased Depression
Less Grumpiness and Anxiety
Improved Relationships
Better Sleep = Better Everything


Ready to take the next step towards better sleep? Let’s schedule a free consultation. We help individuals in the Las Vegas & Summerlin areas!

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