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Welcome, and congratulations on taking this first step towards healing and self-discovery. Deciding to start counseling can be an intimidating process, but it doesn’t need to be. Choosing therapy simply means that you are ready to invest in yourself to find clarity, peace and empowerment.  It certainly doesn’t mean that you are broken or incapable of figuring things out on your own.

In my mind, healing is a journey. It’s one that may feel overwhelming and daunting and you don’t really want to go at it alone. And you’re here because you realize you don’t have to. Whether you just need some simple troubleshooting and tools or there’s something bigger you’re ready to tackle, therapy can provide comfort, consolation, solace and healing.

Christine Lawler gives such great insight, advice, guidance and direction that will benefit me and my family! I have gained so much knowledge on how to become a better spouse. 

I like to use analogies, so here goes: Have you ever seen Snow White? (I have three young daughters so you’ll have to forgive the princess analogy—it’s kind of my world at home.)

Remember when she first leaves the castle and all of the sudden she’s thrust into this deep dark forest? It doesn’t take long before everything starts to feel big and scary. She’s strong, capable, has a lot going for her and everything WILL turn out fine, she just doesn’t know it right this minute.

Well, my role as a therapist is to take this journey with you. I walk beside you and I’ll hold your hand through the scary parts. But I also have this map of the forest so I know how to get out, AND I have a flashlight.

So, when we see those shadows and big creepy things that feel overwhelming, we just shine the flashlight on them, put them in context, understand them, and then learn skills overcome them.

During my three plus years working with Christine, I have always felt as if she really cares about me and about the outcome and will use any applicable tool or resource to help me become my best self. Above and beyond that, she does not lose faith when I mess up but believes that I can keep my commitments and encourages me every step of the way.

My point is, therapy is awesome. It’s empowering! You get to come in, lay it all out on the table, process it, and figure out your game plan.

I’m a big believer that self-awareness is the key to unlocking emotional and behavioral change. So we kind of play detective to figure out what’s going on, why, and how to change it. It’s a process that can be incredibly rewarding and, at times, surprisingly fun. We’ll shed some tears and have some laughs and along the way, and when you leave you’ll feel stronger and more at peace.


Marriage Counseling

My favorite work is with couples who are proactive in their relationships and are invested in making the marriage better. Let’s work to make it great.

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Sex Therapy

So many emotional and relational dynamics are manifest throuh physical intimacy, let’s work to improve those dynamics.

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Adolescent Therapy

Many teenagers seek someone they can be an ‘open book’ to. This investment can be life-changing for them and invaluable to you as a parent.

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Faith Crisis

Struggling with your faith and hope can be extremely daunting, lonely, and overwhelming. Let’s find ways to reignite your faith.

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Sleep Therapy

Newsflash! Sleep is critical to our emotional and physical well-being! If you have chronic insominia or trouble sleeping, I can help you to snooze better.

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