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How to be a Better Father: Tips for Dads

If you’re reading this, you might be wondering how to be a better father. That’s amazing! Pat yourself on the back for wanting to learn more about navigating the crazy ride that is parenthood.

Fatherhood is a journey unlike any other— a profound responsibility and a source of immense joy. It is also a role that comes with its own set of challenges and uncertainties. Every father wants to be the best they can be for their children, but knowing where to start or how to improve can sometimes feel overwhelming.

It’s important to remember that there is no one right way to be a good father, and each family is different.

In this blog post, we’ll explore six tips for becoming a better father so you can nurture strong bonds with your children. Keep reading to learn more.

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Embracing Support: A Guide for Moms on Asking for Help

Are you feeling completely overwhelmed as a new mom? Are you in the trenches with multiple kids and a new baby, or simply just trying to juggle your life and kids? I hear you- it can be TOUGH. Motherhood is filled with amazing highs but can also have some tough lows. It can be so hard to admit to yourself and to others that you are struggling, and even harder to ask for and accept help.

Let’s talk about that- keep reading to learn more.

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How to Help a Teenager with Anxiety and Depression

Going through your teenage years is kind of like riding a rollercoaster- fast paced and full of twists, turns, highs, and lows. Especially in this day and age with social media, it’s not totally surprising that so many teens are feeling depressed and/or anxious. Teens also face many things like social pressures, academic pressures, comparisons, and family conflict.

As a parent or guardian, worrying about our teens is in our nature and can feel overwhelming. It’s crucial to be able to recognize signs of anxiety and depression so you can support your teenager when they need it most.

Keep reading to learn how to recognize when your teen is struggling and learn how you can help.

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A couple and their young daughter in a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist's office. | The Peaceful Mind Counseling Center

What is an LMFT?

What’s the first image that comes to mind when I ask you to think of family or relationship conflict? Consider a heated argument between a married couple. Perhaps it’s a parent who is struggling to manage her child’s out-of-control temper tantrums….or a father who is struggling with a drinking problem while his family looks on helplessly. Regardless if these scenarios fit your current situation or not, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) or (MFT) may be able to help! 

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